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Millions Of Girls In Kenya Were Tricked Into Receiving ‘Abortion Vaccine’

Doctors at a hospital in Kenya claim that millions of girls have been tricked into receiving a vaccination that has effectively sterilized them. Independent laboratory testing has confirmed that a tetanus vaccine given to over 2.3 million young women in Kenya contained the HCG antigen. HCG was developed by the Word Health Organization as a ...

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After Michelle’s Caught Sucking Up To Queen For Royal Wedding Invite, Gets Epic SmackDown

Barack and Michelle Obama are on a mission to score invites to Prince Harry’s big royal wedding coming up this spring. First, Barack trolled Harry on Twitter over his upcoming nuptials, and the liberal media joined in, saying they “can’t wait to see the Obamas at the stylish wedding.” Now, ...

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After CNN Said They Were Boycotting White House Christmas Party, Sarah Huckabee Embarrassed Them

Just when you thought CNN couldn’t get any more pathetic, they sink to a whole new level. They just announced they are “boycotting” Pres. Trump’s White House Christmas Party, and Sarah Huckabee-Sanders had an epic response. Here’s what a CNN Spokesman said: “CNN WILL NOT BE ATTENDING THIS YEAR’S WHITE ...

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MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Freaks Out After Trump Brings Up ‘Dead Woman’ He Tried To ‘Bury’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was once a U.S. Congressman, but he suddenly resigned for no reason. Most people don’t realize there was a 28-year-old dead woman who was highly rumored to be the cause of his resignation. President Donald Trump has never forgotten, and he is calling for an investigation. Now, “Morning ...

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