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Daily Archives: November 10, 2017

Country Stars Warned About Bashing Trump At Awards Show But They Didn’t Listen, Now Look What Happened

Another celebrity ego-stroking awards show took place Wednesday night and like all other celebrity gatherings to honor each other, they centered the show around bashing President Donald Trump. This is expected in liberal Hollywood since stage presence always seems to present the opportunity to cause political chaos in front of the entire country. However, red-blooded Americans had hoped for more respect out of ...

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UK ‘Loses’ 56,000 Muslim Migrants Due for Deportation, Including Over 700 Ex-Cons

In 2013, British Home Secretary Theresa May, who is now the Prime Minister, banned me from entering the country because my pro-freedom voice was not considered “conducive to the public good.” But the British government is not nearly as vigilant when it comes to Muslim migrants, including those already shown to be ...

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Traitor Bergdahl About To Receive a Major Award That Will Make Your Blood Boil – This Must Be Stopped

Most Americans are still livid over the news of Obama’s little pet Bowe Bergdahl walking out of a courtroom last week a completely free man, after receiving zero punishment for joining the Taliban and subsequently getting 6 members of his unit killed. While we all wonder just what the hell ...

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Mueller Alleges ‘Trump Had 5 Russian Hookers In Room,’ President Gives Him Brutal Surprise

Robert Mueller is desperate to incriminate President Donald Trump, and he has hired every hack attorney who also worked for Hillary Clinton. Mueller is leaking information on his investigation to the mainstream media, trying to sully Trump’s name. He is using the fake “Rusian Dossier” as fact and alledging Trump had ...

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After Slick Willie Calls Trump ‘Liar & Dictator,’ Has Major ‘Brain Malfunction’ On Live TV

Bill Clinton made his first guest appearance on the Conan O’Brien Show on Wednesday night, the one year anniversary of his wife’s loss in the 2016 presidential campaign. Slick Willie was on a mission to trash President Donald Trump, and O’Brien gave him all the right softball questions as Bill claimed that ...

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