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Daily Archives: November 14, 2017

Fake Muslim Refugee Attacks Official Who’s Deporting Her, Gets Perfectly Brutal Surprise

After an asylum seeker was rejected because she was not a real refugee but an illegal economic migrant, the entitled woman savagely attacked the female official who was facilitating her deportation. However, as soon as the migrant launched her vicious assault, she was quickly introduced to a brutal dose of ...

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Bride Runs Over Priest She Caught Molesting Her Child On Wedding Day

A 29-year old woman from Boulder, Colorado is accused of intentionally running over a Catholic priest with her car after the cleric allegedly molested her six-year-old son, only hours before her wedding ceremony on Saturday. Saturday was supposed to be the greatest day of Jennifer Barnes’s life, but things didn’t exactly ...

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Hillary Busted In DOJ Criminal Probe After Trump Uses Judge Jeanine In ‘Secret Operation’

Hillary Clinton’s crime cartel is finally coming under official Department of Justice criminal investigation, and how President Donald Trump pulled this off is stunning. Trump unleashed Judge Jeanine Pirro in a “secret operation” to ensure Hillary would be brought to justice. Pirro is a no-nonsense firebrand, who has special knowledge of Clinton’s ...

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Liberal Who Stole Student’s MAGA Hat Not Smiling After Learning Where She’ll Be Going

After a triggered liberal was filmed stealing and throwing a tantrum over a classmate’s “Make America Great Again” hat, she was forced by police to give his property back. However, just when she thought she got away with harassing, threatening, and stealing from another student, her smile quickly faded when ...

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Principal Agrees To Make Elementary Girls Wear Hijab, Fierce Mama Bear Makes Him Regret It

After a liberal principal agreed with Muslim parents to force little girls to wear hijabs in his school, non-Muslim parents were outraged that he’d bow to oppressive Sharia law. However, as soon as one incredibly fierce mama bear caught wind of his plan, she quickly made him regret his decision ...

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