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Daily Archives: November 15, 2017

Biden’s Former Secret Service Agent Leaks His Sick Secret, Creepy Uncle Joe Strikes Again

Former Vice President Joe Biden is no stranger to accusations of disgusting behavior. As speculations erupt yet again, disturbing evidence has just come to light after Biden’s former Secret Service agent leaked his sick secret, and now, his worst nightmare is unfolding. Joe Biden has been known to be described ...

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Obama Is Pissed After What Trump Just Armed Our Military With That Has Our Enemies Hiding In Holes

Ever since Trump got into office, he’s been doing everything in his power to repair the damages Obama did to our military. Obama did a considerable amount of destruction throughout his two terms in office, emboldening our enemies, while at the same time stripping our military down to pre-world war II ...

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Every Congressman Who Killed Healthcare FURIOUS At What Trump Just Took From Them

And this is why we elected, defend, and support President Donald J. Trump! Since the Republican led Senate has decided we peons are stuck having to pay for Obamacare, President Donald Trump has now threatened to end all government payments to lawmaker health insurers if Congress does not pass a new health ...

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Parents Horrified By Sick ‘Gift’ Muslim Migrant Daycare Visitor Gave To Little Children

When a migrant volunteered his time at a local daycare, liberal officials praised his efforts to contribute to the community. However, as soon as parents discovered what the unscreened asylum seeker had “given” their precious children, they were furiously beating down the doors of the administration. As liberalism gains control ...

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