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ANONYMOUS: “The Elimination of George Soros Has Begun”

Anonymous recently published a video titled “The Elimination of George Soros Has Started,” and to be honest, I’m pretty excited about it. George Soros is a key member of the shadow government disguised as a philanthropic billionaire. His donations seem heartfelt and meaningful, but if you look a little closer, you’ll realize that ...

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Benghazi Mastermind Finally Admits Why He Attacked US — Blows Narrative Wide Open

The attack in Benghazi where 4 Americans were killed, is remembered as one of the most devastating assaults. Finally, the soldier who committed the attack that occurred five years ago is captured. He is transported back to the U.S. and will be investigated. In his attack, the four Americans that were killed ...

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Liberal Losers Freak Out As Melania’s ‘Secret Plan’ For White House Christmas Goes Viral

President Donald Trump has made it perfectly clear that he is saying, “Merry Christmas,” and discarding the politically correct salutation “Happy Holidays.” Christians in America rejoiced that the new Commander-in-Chief is speaking our language after years of the Obamas’ generic “holiday” parties and pagan decorations at the White House. Now, ...

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Dad Who Beat 2-Day-Old Baby To Death Finds What Happens When Cellmate Discovers His Secret

When his daughter was just 2-days-old, her worthless father brutally shook, squeezed, and beat her until she succumbed to her horrific injuries. However, just weeks after he was imprisoned, the scumbag child-murderer discovered what happens when your hardened cellmate finds out you murdered an innocent child. While the Western judicial ...

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Mexico Seizes 800 Pounds Of U.S. Government Cocaine

Authorities in Mexico have seized a massive shipment of cocaine that was headed towards a U.S. government facility in America.  A statement from the Defense Department says the vehicle which was transporting the cocaine belonged to the United States Social Security Institute Thegoldwater.com reports: These types of vehicles typically are responsible for disaster ...

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