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Daily Archives: November 24, 2017

De Niro Screams ‘F*ck You Trump’ At Fundraiser As Waitress Tells ‘Sick Dirty Thing’ He Did

Robert De Niro was on stage at the Annual Hudson River Park Gala Thursday night, accepting an award when he totally went off topic. The Hollywood actor started shouting, “F–k you, Donald Trump,” and he went on to call the president “mother f*cker” and “lowlife.” Now, karma is hitting De ...

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School Warns Students Not To Chant ‘USA,’ What Kids Do Instead Has Officials Regretting It

After high school students began chanting “USA” during sporting events, parents received a letter warning the teens to stop saying the “intolerant and offensive” phrase. However, as soon as they read the note, the patriotic students responded in a way that would not only make our Forefathers proud but had ...

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BREAKING: Millions Of Greedy Illegals Just Got Their Butts Booted By Trump After He Found SICK Thing They Were Secretly Doing

Over the past week, liberals have been throwing a massive fit over President Trump’s crackdown with illegals coming to America. But now the left will have a brand new thing to be irate about, after what was leaked about the president’s latest executive order. Now every single illegal who is caught ...

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Bill Clinton’s Mistress Drops Nuke-Sized Dirt On Hillary Live On TV

Bill Clinton’s ex-lover and former Dallas attorney Dolly Kyle has appeared on TV promoting a tell-all book about her decades-long relationship with the former president of the United States – and her revelations about Bill and Hillary Clinton are nothing short of sick and disgusting. Young Bill Clinton “dreaded” spending ...

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Melania Trump: ‘If ISIS Lay A Finger On Barron, I’ll Scratch Obama’s Eyes Out’

First Lady Melania Trump has warned former president Barack Obama that if ISIS terrorists “lay a finger” on Barron Trump, she will “scratch his eyes out.” Melania Trump’s warning comes days after ISIS terrorists used social media to call for the assassination of Barron Trump. The terror group is sharing personal ...

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