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Daily Archives: November 27, 2017

Putin to Designate McDonald’s a ‘Foreign Agent’ that ‘Destroys Health’

Russian President Vladimir Putin will officially label fast-food chain McDonald’s a foreign agent that destroys people’s health. McDonald’s as well as number of other unhealthy American fast-food companies are set to be given the label following recently passed legislation which provides the same classification for international news outlets. Newsweek.com reports: Boris ...

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More and more older Australians will be homeless unless we act now

One of the most pressing challenges older Australians face is finding secure accommodation with suitable amenities. And as the numbers of older Australians grow, the pressure to provide housing that meets their needs is increasing. We may be facing a crisis of ageing homelessness in coming years. A new report from Mission ...

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Police Uncover Kindergarten Pedophile Ring Linked To Clintons

Police have uncovered a pedophile ring operating at a Kindergarten in China run by the Clinton Foundation.  An investigation has revealed that children at the Clinton-run nursery school were routinely forced to strip naked and then raped and tortured by the sadistic people that ran the institution. Police discovered the ...

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Imam Says It’s His Right To Preach ‘Kill Infidels,’ Judge’s 2 Words Wipe Away His Grin

After an asylum seeker was caught preaching to mosque-goers to “burn” infidels alive for insulting Islam, he stood before the court and invoked his religious right to preach the message. However, as soon as a patriotic judge heard his demand, he issued 2 brilliant words that turned the imam’s grin ...

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Denzel Washington Gives Cop-Hating BLM Brats Bad News, Says Last Thing They Wanted To Hear

Under the leadership of former President Barack Obama, the entitlement mentality has spiraled out of control in America, and many across the country are growing increasingly tired of it. Proving just that most recently is Denzel Washington who had some bad news for the cop-hating group known as Black Lives ...

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Hollywood Actor Bruce Willis: ‘Trump Is The Best US President Ever, Anyone Who Dislikes Him Should Move To…’

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis once again expressed his unconditional support for President Donald Trump in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, although these days it’s very unusual for him to be supported by any Hollywood star. When Willis was asked about his opinion on Trump’s presidency so far he said: “I ...

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