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Racist Muslims Selling Blacks, What The Slaves Are ‘Missing’ Is Even More Horrifying

Just weeks ago, the liberal media fell silent when members of their favored religion were caught selling black slaves to wealthy buyers at auction blocks. However, the case became far more sinister now that one man has come forward to reveal what the captors are “taking” from their black slaves. ...

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ISIS Building Drones To Spread Fatal Viruses Across West

ISIS are planning to use drones to spread deadly viruses across mainland Europe and America, according to the EU’s counter-terrorism unit.  Gilles de Kerchove, the unit’s co-ordinator, says groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS are constructing the special biological weapons as part of a new strategy of attack. Yahoo News reports: ...

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Obama Trolls Prince Harry For Wedding Invite, Gets Hit With ‘Nasty Surprise’ From Queen

Prince Harry, the son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, announced his engagement to Meghan Markle, an American actress, and Barack Obama immediately started trolling Harry on Twitter for an invite. Attending a royal wedding is considered the big ticket for all movers and shakers, and liberal losers claim that ...

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Liberal Witch Files For Restraining Order Against Trump, Judge Gives Her Rude Awakening

President Donald Trump is celebrating a “YUGE” win after a liberal witch tried to get a federal judge to approve a temporary restraining order in order to prevent Trump from appointing an acting director for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Luckily, the judge gave her a rude awakening instead. ...

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Trump Heard What Muslims Wanted In White House For Holidays And Sends Them Something Brilliant Instead

Over the last eight years, the Barack Obama administration declared war on Christians and did everything he could to bend to Muslim demands in America. From the Obama’s very first Christmas season in the White House, they made sure to freeze out the Christian tradition in favor of being more ...

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Melania Gets Smeared By ‘Anti-Christmas’ Reporter, Slaps Her Hard With ‘Nasty Surprise’

Sarah Ellison is a pro-Hillary Clinton journalist who is leading a smear campaign against First Lady Melania Trump. Ellison, writing for Vanity Fair, published a sick “holiday” hit piece just as the first lady brings Christian traditions back to the White House. Well, Melania just slapped Ms. Ellison hard with a ...

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