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Traitor Bergdahl About To Receive a Major Award That Will Make Your Blood Boil – This Must Be Stopped

Most Americans are still livid over the news of Obama’s little pet Bowe Bergdahl walking out of a courtroom last week a completely free man, after receiving zero punishment for joining the Taliban and subsequently getting 6 members of his unit killed. While we all wonder just what the hell ...

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Mueller Alleges ‘Trump Had 5 Russian Hookers In Room,’ President Gives Him Brutal Surprise

Robert Mueller is desperate to incriminate President Donald Trump, and he has hired every hack attorney who also worked for Hillary Clinton. Mueller is leaking information on his investigation to the mainstream media, trying to sully Trump’s name. He is using the fake “Rusian Dossier” as fact and alledging Trump had ...

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After Slick Willie Calls Trump ‘Liar & Dictator,’ Has Major ‘Brain Malfunction’ On Live TV

Bill Clinton made his first guest appearance on the Conan O’Brien Show on Wednesday night, the one year anniversary of his wife’s loss in the 2016 presidential campaign. Slick Willie was on a mission to trash President Donald Trump, and O’Brien gave him all the right softball questions as Bill claimed that ...

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Carrie Underwood Breaks Down In Tears At CMAs, Then Viewers Notice What’s Right Behind Her

On Wednesday evening, Carrie Underwood hosted the 51st Annual Country Music Awards alongside Brad Paisley for the tenth year in a row. It was a momentous occasion for the two stars, but not just because the awards show marked a decade of hosting together. Before the night was over, Underwood broke ...

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Michigan Just Took Their State Back From Muslims And Made Most Of Them Felons OVERNIGHT

The state of Michigan is quickly turning into a Sharia swamp, thanks to the reckless immigration policies of Obama over the past 8 years. Places like Dearborn that was once an all-American town has now earned the nickname “Little Baghdad,” where markets, businesses, mosques, and Islamic schools surround residents, as ...

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LAPD Investigating Charlie Sheen For ‘Sodomizing’ Young Corey Haim

Authorities are investigating Hollywood after fresh allegations have emerged against movie mogul Charlie Sheen Sheen has been named as the pedophile who raped former child star Corey Haim when he was just 13-years-old. According to the National Enquirer Haim had told others about how he was sodomized as a minor by Sheen while ...

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