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Putin To Launch ‘Independent Internet’ Without ‘New World Order Censorship’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia is launching a new ‘independent Internet’ that will be free from the shackles of the New World Order.  Putin and the Security Council are developing the new Internet initially for BRICS nations,  which will be totally independent of global elite corporations and ...

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Mall Of America Gets Disturbing Muslim Makeover For Christmas – Shoppers Horrified By What Else Is Inside

It is no secret that the state of Minnesota is being taken over by Muslim refugees thanks in part to leadership pushing their liberal agenda on the citizens. The heartland of America that was once a thriving area known for their warm hospitality and kind spirit is being run into ...

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The Left Just Admitted They’re Trying To Take Away Major Constitutional Right From Senior Citizens

The left would you like to tell you that they’re not a group of extremists. They are, and they are lying to you. Let’s face facts: liberals have an agenda. To protect that agenda, libs do their best to suppress conservative votes. It’s slimy, but common, and also basic politics. Today’s ...

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Hanson drops a Bombshell on the Same Sex Marriage Debate [VIDEO]

Senator HANSON (Queensland): As I stated last night, this is a very important issue for Australians, and I understand it. We’ve just had a plebiscite with regard to the same-sex marriage survey and the bill that’s before the parliament, the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017. What I want ...

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Journalist Threatened For Exposing Pizzagate & Clinton Corruption

Journalist Liz Crokin says that she has been threatened with her life should she continue to expose evidence that she has uncovered on Clinton corruption and the Washington D.C. pedophile ring. On a youtube video Crokin claims that has been followed and “roughed up” by unidentified individuals who threatened to have her “suicided” ...

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Putin to Designate McDonald’s a ‘Foreign Agent’ that ‘Destroys Health’

Russian President Vladimir Putin will officially label fast-food chain McDonald’s a foreign agent that destroys people’s health. McDonald’s as well as number of other unhealthy American fast-food companies are set to be given the label following recently passed legislation which provides the same classification for international news outlets. Newsweek.com reports: Boris ...

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