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Daily Archives: December 2, 2017

Muslim Cop Respected By Many, Until Fellow Officers See What’s On His Phone

A police officer was a well-respected public servant in his community and a prime example to dispel “Islamophobia.” However, as soon as authorities saw what was on his phone, Mohammad Arshad was immediately placed in handcuffs. Liberals have effectively silenced many into refraining from even talking about the waves of ...

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Texas Congressman calls to cut aid from the UN and help Christian refugees, the world’s most persecuted religious group

The Trump administration cuts US aid to the UN and uses the money to help persecuted Christians in the Muslim world. The UN is a useless organization which is dominated by countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Cuba etc. Western countries should stop funding the UN. The Islamic persecution ...

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As Media Slams Trump For ‘Fake’ Anti-Muslim Tweets, Dirty Secret Emerges Proving Him Right

The liberal media have been ruthlessly crucifying President Donald Trump for allegedly tweeting “fake” anti-Muslim videos. However, one simple revelation just destroyed their liberal lies, proving that Trump was right once again. On Wednesday, Trump was under fire by ignorant, politically-correct leftists simply for retweeting a series of videos shared ...

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George Soros Demands Fluoride Added To Drinking Water In Schools

Billionaire globalist George Soros has outlined his plan to ensure “all school-aged children in the United States of America receive daily doses of water with added fluoride” by adding the controversial chemical to school drinking water. Soros claims to have become “obsessed” over the dental health of children in recent ...

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