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Daily Archives: December 3, 2017

Climate Scientists: ‘Volcanoes Main Cause Of Global Warming’

Climate scientists have discovered that the main cause of global warming is actually volcanoes and not man-made carbon emissions as previously thought.  A new study by the University of Alabama-Huntsville found that studies used by other scientists to justify the man-made global warming theory made a glaring oversight: Their data completely ...

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Days After Meeting With Obama, Chinese President Xi Reveals Shocking Thing Barack Told Him

Former U.S. President Barack Obama was in Beijing on Wednesday for a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Days after their meeting, President Xi revealed the shocking thing that Obama said to him during the course of their conversation. Last month, President Donald Trump embarked on a twelve-day trip throughout ...

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Actress Ashley Judd Said: ‘Trump Supporters Are Hurting My Career, If This Continues I’m Gonna Move From This Awful Country.” Do You Support This ?

Actress Ashley Judd: ‘Trump Supporters Are Hurting My Career, If This Continues I’m Gonna Move From This Awful Country.The Reason behind this that she attacks Trump many time read below. American actress Ashley Judd has launched a vicious attack on Donald Trump while addressing massed crowds protesting against the new ...

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German Government To Install Spyware Backdoors Into Every Digital Device

The German government are forcing technology companies to install hidden digital ‘spy devices’ in cars, computers, phones and other devices, according to a leaked Interior Minister memo.  The RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) reports that Thomas de Maizière, Federal Minister of the Interior, has written up draft legislation which highlights “the legal duty for third parties to allow ...

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Trump Just Royally Enraged Obama With Who He Set Free Today – Remember These Two?

The Trump administration is siding with a Christian baker who wasn’t interested in cooking a cake for a gay couple. The gay couple wanted a wedding cake, but the baker claimed their sexual lifestyle, or marriage, was against his religious beliefs. Jack Phillips, the baker, must be ecstatic that he’s ...

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