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Daily Archives: December 3, 2017

After Minnesota Welcomes Burkinis, They Find Something Horrifying In Pools

In the wake of France banning the Islamic swimwear, Minnesota was praised by leftists and feminists for allowing Muslim women to wear baggy burkinis at public pools. However, their exaltation was quickly overcast after officials found something absolutely horrifying in the water. The burkini ban rapidly gained momentum in France, ...

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Thieves Steal Package From Front Porch And Run For It, Homeowner Makes Them Instantly Regret It

Even in quiet, safe neighborhoods, crime happens. That’s something one town experienced, when many of their packages were disappearing from their front porches. But one of those residents was Tom Mabe, a YouTuber known for hilarious hijinks and pranks. And his solution to the package thief? Swift and unforgettable justice. From Conservative Tribune: ...

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British 2017 Study: ‘We Have Found The Link Between Vaccines And Autism’

A new UK study reveals that autistic children have up to 10 times more aluminium in their brains than what is considered safe in adults.  Study author Professor Chris Exley from Keele University claims that the research proves that aluminium found in vaccines is causing many children to develop autism. “Perhaps ...

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