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Daily Archives: December 4, 2017

Liberal Celeb Who Demanded We House Refugees Gets Perfect Karma After Taking In Migrants

Last year, award-winning singer and liberal activist Lily Allen demanded citizens open their borders and homes to refugees. However, soon after graciously opening her own lavish home to migrants, the socialist celebrity was horrified to receive a brutal dose of reality. Wealthy liberal elitists are always delighted to demand that ...

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Denzel Washington’s Bold Message To Black Americans Is Pure Common Sense

Liberals are going to be pissed. Hollywood royal Denzel Washington just ripped apart the Black Lives Matter reasoning infecting the left. Law enforcement isn’t destroying the black community, drug addiction and unsteady family relationships are. “It starts at the home. It starts at home. It starts with how you raise ...

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Trump Family Reveals Christmas Card, 1 Major Difference From Obamas’ Instantly Stands Out

Hating Christmas is akin to not liking puppies or rainbows. Liberals, however, have managed to champion the position. They spit on Christmas every year; “woke” Millennials say “happy holidays” and nothing else. Predictably, the Obama family sent out a bland, PC holiday card while they were in the White House. ...

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Angry Michelle Lashes Out At Trump As Americans Cheer POTUS Trashing Her ‘Beloved Project’

Former First Lady Michelle Obama spent eight long years in the White House, and she made sure that she left things in place that would ensure her “legacy.” Michelle was speaking in Canada when she went off script, angrily attacking President Donald Trump. Well, it seems that she was reacting ...

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President Duterte Suspends Vaccine Program In Philippines Due To Public Health Risks

President Duterte has suspended a vaccination program in the Philippines due to concerns that it poses a significant public health risk. The degnue immunization program was found to actually infect people who were previously not infected. Ponderwall.com reports: The decision comes after the announcement of the French pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi (link) ...

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