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Daily Archives: December 5, 2017

Queen Elizabeth Removes Obamas From Royal Wedding Guest List

Queen Elizabeth has personally removed Michelle and Barack Obama from the guest list for Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle, according to British reports.  Invitations to Royal weddings in England have traditionally been extended to the sitting President of the United States and the current First Lady, so when Queen ...

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Reporter Who Exposed BBC Pedophilia Cover Up Found Dead

Liz MacKean, the former British investigative reporter who exposed Jimmy Savile and the culture of pedophile protection at the BBC, has been found dead. She was 52. MacKean worked at the BBC until she quit in 2013 after executives decided to ban her groundbreaking and brave investigation into predatory pedophile Jimmy Savile in ...

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Obama Caught Pretending To Be President Abroad, Matt Drudge Gives Him Brutal Surprise

Although former President Barack Obama is out of the White House, he hasn’t fully disappeared from the political arena. It seems that he was most recently caught pretending to be President while overseas, but things didn’t exactly go as planned. Within a few short hours, Matt Drudge personally decided to ...

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Barack Leaves US As Trump Shows Obama Committing Felony In Shocking ‘Secret’ Phone Call

Barack Obama has left the United States, pretending to still be president and giving the real president, Donald Trump, the perfect time to drop a shocking “truth bomb” right on Barack’s head. Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt” was a plan hatched by Obama, James Comey, and Hillary Clinton to oust Trump, ...

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Muslim Applicant Demands To Wear Hijab In Texas Store, Manager Has Perfect Counter-Offer

When a woman came in for an interview at a Texas department store, she informed the manager that she would require special privilege to wear her hijab on the sales floor. However, instead of submitting to her demands, the manager replied with a brilliant counter-offer. Regardless of the country, as ...

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