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8 Signs You May Have A Higher IQ Than Average

Einstein one said “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” Socrates once said “I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” For centuries psychologists and philosophers have been trying to pinpoint what signs identify intelligence.


Intelligence is the moving force of this world, it has attributed to some of the greatest discoveries that have shaped our society to what it is today.

With that said, if you do any of the following 8 things, it may be a sign that you are one of the people who are here to help make this world a better place.


You Enjoy Being Alone: Research has found that people who have higher IQs are not very social. Also, it has been found that social interaction actually hinders the persons overall happiness.

Despite social interaction being one of the positive elements of a happy life, those with a high intelligence would rather avoid it and focus more on their thoughts.
You Worry A lot: Intelligent people tend to have a wide imagination and think ahead, which often leads to anxiety. Several studies have been conducted on those suffering from anxiety, and the results also showed that they were highly intelligent.
These people have very powerful mental processors, when they speak it is at a high level, they are extremely self-aware, and they can detect any sense of danger before anyone else can sense it.
You May Contain a Mental Illness: This is not to say that everyone who contains a mental illness is highly intelligent, but scientists have found that high IQs found in children was related to an increased risk of a later development of bipolar disorder.
In addition, some of the greatest minds to ever walk the earth exhibited signs of bipolar disorder, such as Vincent van Gogh, Lord Byron, Virginia Woolf, and Ernest Hemingway.
You Have a Different Approach to Reality: If someone with a high IQ feels that the truth about something doesn’t fit, they won’t stick to it. They constantly have new ideas and proof to back them up.
A recent study has shown that people with a higher intelligence tend to stray away from the traditional approach to life, and prefer a more liberal approach. They believe they are here to break the comfort zone that society has created and help the world grow.
You Are Very Trusting: Someone with a high intelligence will trust people more, and will often be seen a naïve in the eyes of others.
A survey was conducted and found that highly intelligent people were prone to trusting others more because it had a positive effect on their state of happiness and physical health.
You Swear A lot: Highly intelligent people see no need to filter their words. Because of their ability to believe that society needs to leave their comfort zone, they never shy away from saying whatever they feel.
A study was conducted and showed that a person’s ability to generate swear words is closely linked to a higher intelligence. The reason behind it is it takes focus and intelligence to pair a slur with a profound idea or sentence, which highly intelligent people possess.
You Enjoy Being Lazy: This action can be misinterpreted by many because of how laziness is in direct correlation with getting nothing done. However, according to a study, those with a high intelligence are lazy because they are more focused on their thoughts.
In most cases, people do their best thinking when they are in a stationary position. Whether it is laying down on the couch or the bed, those with high intelligence need to be comfortable in order to become creative.
You’re a Night Owl: A recent study has indicated that highly intelligent people find it hard to go to bed. It was been found that even from an early age, a higher IQ was indicated to a more nocturnal behavior in adulthood.
The study found that children with an IQ less than 75 went to bed around 11:40pm and woke up at 7:20am on weeknights and children with an IQ of more than 125 went to bed at 1:30am and woke up at 7:52am.
source: providr.com



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