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After ruthlessly condemning President Donald Trump for sharing “fake” “anti-Muslim” videos, the left’s lies have been destroyed with one simple revelation that recently surfaced. (Photo Credit: Screenshots/YouTube, JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

As Media Slams Trump For ‘Fake’ Anti-Muslim Tweets, Dirty Secret Emerges Proving Him Right

The liberal media have been ruthlessly crucifying President Donald Trump for allegedly tweeting “fake” anti-Muslim videos. However, one simple revelation just destroyed their liberal lies, proving that Trump was right once again.

After ruthlessly condemning President Donald Trump for sharing “fake” “anti-Muslim” videos, the left’s lies have been destroyed with one simple revelation that recently surfaced. (Photo Credit: Screenshots/YouTube, JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, Trump was under fire by ignorant, politically-correct leftists simply for retweeting a series of videos shared by the right-wing UK organization British First, which focuses on combatting jihad and the Sharia-compliant crackdown on free speech. The clips highlighted just a few of countless religious and racial hate crimes against non-Muslims, shedding light on Europe’s growing Islamization, which is far worse than the shocking recordings could even convey.

Like clockwork, the virtue-signaling left crept out of the woodwork to condemn Trump’s bluntly honest showcase of the threat of mass Islamic migration to West, which is a religious compulsion called Hijrah intended to spread Sharia law. British Prime Minister Theresa May, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and even the Obamas took to social media and press conferences to ferociously lash out at Trump for perpetuating “Islamophobia,” “hate,” and even “racism,” despite Islam having absolutely nothing to do with race.

Brilliantly, Trump reminded them that instead of attacking him for exposing the truth, they should stop turning a blind eye to their own threat. However, just as the liberal officials and media were reaching the peak of their anti-Trump rhetoric, a simple yet undeniably crucial secret surfaced, utterly obliterating their logical fallacies.

Just hours before liberal hacks began berating Trump for retweeting 3 videos portraying Islamic brutality in Europe, an official report released by the Home Office confirms that Islamic terrorism in the UK has just reached a record high, proving that Trump was absolutely right to point out Britain’s Muslim migration problem.The paramount revelation comes as a scandalous embarrassment to Trump’s denouncers, especially PM May and Mayor Khan, who led the UK’s chastisement of the U.S. President, insisting that he was “wrong” and simple spreading falsehoods.

The report, which was published by The Guardian, confirms that official figures for the UK show that the number of people arrested for terrorist activity has skyrocketed by nearly 70 percent from June 2016 to June 2017. The record states that the last year has produced the highest number of terrorist arrests and charges of any year since records began in 2001.

The raids come as the number of people arrested for terrorism-linked offences rose by more than two-thirds to a record 379 in the 12 months to June – one of the most intense periods for terrorist attacks in recent history.

Of those arrested, 123 were charged – 105 with terrorism offences – and 189 were released without charge. The remaining 67 were either bailed pending further investigation, or faced alternative action.

The revelation is especially humiliating for Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor, since there have been 4 terror attacks and 7 thwarted terror attacks in the last 6 months in his city alone, which is 80 percent of the total Islamic terror attacks that have taken place in that time in the entire UK.

Recently, in a failed effort to criticize Trump’s “Muslim ban,” Khan hesitantly admitted that there has been a record number of attacks carried out by Muslims, who are almost all migrants, in his city this year. Still, the Muslim mayor callously insinuated that taking in more Muslim migrants who are committing terrorist offenses is an intelligent move.

“If you look at the time between March of this year and now, yes there have been four terrorist attacks (in London) but there have been seven that have been thwarted,” Khan said, speaking at the Labour party conference. “Some of his views are ignorant and I think sometimes people are ignorant, and one of your jobs is to educate people. And I am happy to educate Donald Trump.”

Ironically, both Khan and May have called for Trump to be banned from the UK while simultaneously flooding their country with thousands more Muslim migrants who are prompting the disturbing rise in terror attacks. Hypocritically, the British MPs have gone as far as invoking thought police to actually arrest Trump for using free speech.

“This is the President of the United States, sharing with millions, inflammatory and divisive content” by someone “who represents a vile, fascist organization seeking the spread hatred and violence in person and online,” Labour MP Stephen Doughty said.

Another Labour MP, Chris Byrant, said the US President should face arrest if he came to the UK. “The Prime Minister should make it absolutely clear that if Donald Trump comes to this country, he’ll be arrested for inciting religious hatred and therefore he’d be better off not coming at all.”

The truth is that the left is made up of 2 kinds of people — those who defend Islam because they are ignorant and those who defend Islam because they fear a backlash from Muslims for offending them. Both are dangerous not only to our national security but, more importantly, to our exceptional freedoms.

The Quran explicitly and repeatedly commands Muslims to physically fight unbelievers without ceasing until “there is no more disbelief and the religion is for Allah alone.” Specifically, the Quran compels Muslims to rape, enslave, persecute, crucify, and behead non-Muslims unless they agree to convert or pay jizya, a burdensome religious tax intended to pressure non-Muslims into converting.

Over 100 separate times, the Quran incites Muslims to extreme violence and hatred of non-Muslims, yet these arrogant politicians would rather attack those who point out this inconvenient truth. Their attacks on speech that’s critical of Islam is directly aiding Muslims in establishing Sharia law, which offers cruel and barbaric punishments for those who insult Islam.

We must stand with Trump in exposing the violent and oppressive nature of any ideology to prevent it from unopposedly eradicating our liberties through political correctness and speech restriction. If the left gets its way, we will not only see the same rise in terror in our own backyards but be prohibited from denouncing it.

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