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Video Captures Migrant Boy ‘Playing’ With White Girl, Horror Ensues When They Zooms In

When a man uploaded footage of a very young “migrant child” and a small white girl behind a secluded building, his friends immediately began laughing at the pair. However, as soon as onlookers watched the clip, they noticed the horrifying detail that the viewers found sickeningly amusing. The left has ...

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How Denmark COMPLETELY ELIMINATED radical Islam without shedding a single drop of blood

Even as the European Union has been suffering from a high crime rate, increased frequency of terrorist attacks and several other activities to destabilize several nations in the Union, one country seems to have things figured out. Despite the pro-refugee policy in most European nations, Denmark continues to thrive in ...

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UK ‘Loses’ 56,000 Muslim Migrants Due for Deportation, Including Over 700 Ex-Cons

In 2013, British Home Secretary Theresa May, who is now the Prime Minister, banned me from entering the country because my pro-freedom voice was not considered “conducive to the public good.” But the British government is not nearly as vigilant when it comes to Muslim migrants, including those already shown to be ...

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Australian TV Exposes Britain’s Westminster Paedophile Scandal

Australia broadcast an explosive 60 minute report on the Westminster paedophile network on Sunday evening, that has sent shockwaves around the world.  ‘Spies, Lords and Predators’ looked at what the host described as Britain’s ‘biggest ever scandal’ that is likely to ‘rock the British establishment’. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO Exaronews.com reports: The ...

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