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More and more older Australians will be homeless unless we act now

One of the most pressing challenges older Australians face is finding secure accommodation with suitable amenities. And as the numbers of older Australians grow, the pressure to provide housing that meets their needs is increasing. We may be facing a crisis of ageing homelessness in coming years. A new report from Mission ...

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Imam Says It’s His Right To Preach ‘Kill Infidels,’ Judge’s 2 Words Wipe Away His Grin

After an asylum seeker was caught preaching to mosque-goers to “burn” infidels alive for insulting Islam, he stood before the court and invoked his religious right to preach the message. However, as soon as a patriotic judge heard his demand, he issued 2 brilliant words that turned the imam’s grin ...

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Feminist Takes In Muslim Refugee To Prove They’re Peaceful, Instantly Regrets It

After a liberal feminist joined the open borders organization “Refugees Welcome,” she decided to prove that multiculturalism works by taking in a refugee. However, shortly after welcoming the migrant into her home, she was slapped with a brutal dose of reality that she’ll never forget. Sick of being an armchair ...

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Mafia Bosses Declare War On Muslim Migrants, Nativity Scene Is Final Straw

In one city where migrants have relocated, liberals made certain “politically correct” adjustments to the town’s nativity scene, so the migrants aren’t offended. However, with mafia bosses declaring war on the migrants, tensions are building, and you’ll be shocked that one small detail on a nativity scene may be the ...

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Harvard Professor Says Prescription Drugs Are Killing Population

A Harvard Professor has claimed that prescription drugs are not only ineffective at treating most illnesses, but are actually killing the population.  Arnold Seymour Relman, professor of Medicine at Harvard University and former Editor-in-Chief of the New England Medical Journal says: “The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical ...

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FDA Officially Lists Autism As DTap Side Effect

The FDA have begun listing autism as a possible side effect in the manufacturers insert of the DTap vaccine. The US Food and Drug Administration have also been forced to print the admission on their very own website. Inshapetoday.com reports: These adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic ...

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