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Obama Named As DEADLIEST President in U.S. History After FBI Releases His Horrific Secret

Ever since Trump got into office, Obama has been doing everything in his power to sabotage Trump’s presidency with his little shadow government. Not satisfied with peacefully riding his golf cart into the sunset, Obama has been behind the scenes planning his “political comeback” where he’s been popping up all ...

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President Trump Unleashes Hell On “Traitor” McCain With 6 Simple Words — Americans Are Cheering

Far from being an asset to the conservative cause, let alone the Republican Party, Senator John McCain is a liability. He feigns a “maverick” image, but he’s really just erratic and unreliable with liberal tendencies. Perhaps he has more in common with the Democrats than we think. Given his defeat ...

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Trump Fights Back Against ‘Nasty’ Puerto Rico Mayor – Drops Bombshell About Sick Agenda Fueling Her Attacks

To fully understand the unbridled hate and near-pathological obsession of President Trump, is to simply listen to San Juan’s Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, accusing the president of somehow being responsible for the deaths of its citizens. Her ridiculous comments, as with most cases involving progressive Democrats, ignore the fact that ...

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UN Police Force About To Unconstitutionally Take Over U.S. Town After What Was Uncovered Overnight

While Obama was in office, he allowed the United Nations to start establishing a presence within American cities with a global police force, sneaking his plot to give America’s sovereignty away under the guise of a organization called the Strong Cities Network. This unconstitutional move was largely criticized by patriotic groups, as ...

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