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Cop Dives In To Save Drowning Refugees, Learns Why They Want Him In Water

A Swedish officer wasted no time in diving in to save 2 drowning refugees, only to find that he was the one in need of saving. (Photo for illustrative purposes)

When a police officer saw a pair of asylum seekers drowning in a pool next to their refugee center, he immediately sprang into action to save the young men from a watery grave. However, as soon as he dove into the reservoir, he quickly realized why they had called him over to the water in the first place.

Regardless of which country they serve, the veritable duty of police officers is to serve and protect. Of course, when a Swedish officer saw 2 young men thrashing in the deep water next to an asylum center, his first instinct was to selflessly jump in and try to rescue them. Unfortunately, he had no idea he was diving head first into a sinister trap.

According to Norrköpings Tidningar, an officer in Norrköping was desperate to save a pair of migrants from drowning, only to find that he would be the one in need of saving. At around 7 p.m. on Thursday, a patrolling officer jumped into the water and swam towards the flailing men. When he reached them, one of the asylum seekers attacked him, pushing his head underwater in what the officer believes was an attempt to murder him.

Thankfully, another officer was nearby and saw what had happened. After helping to pull the officer and migrants to safety, he confirmed that it seemed like the refugee meant to harm the responding officer.

“The guy tried to drown the policeman. He pushed his head under the water, then another officer ran into the water to help his colleague,” said Torbjörn Lindqvist, an officer at the police Östergötland. “The affected officer believes that it was serious and that guy was aware of it. Therefore, he is suspected of attempted murder.”

Like clockwork, the refugee was quickly released the very next day and charges were dropped for the most disturbing reasons, Fria Tider reports.

“We believe he was born in 2000, so he is not so old. We took the case to the prosecutor and they dropped the charge of attempted murder,” said county police officer Tor Sevelius.

According to a Swedish pediatrician, up to 40 percent of “child” refugees are actually in their 20s and some are even in their 40s.

Not only was the migrant freed because he claims to be just 16 years old and has no identification to prove otherwise, he was also let go because authorities are purporting that he is possibly “mentally ill.” A favorite excuse of politically correct Islamic apologists, officials are alleging that the “boy” has mental issues because he had asked to be driven to the doctor.

What the media is widely ignoring is that both boys were already in trouble for acting aggressively toward staff members at the refugee center. Mentally ill or not, it appears as though these refugees are a danger to the community. Of course, this didn’t stop police from releasing them both with the requirement that they seek child psychiatry.

Sadly, these excuses have allowed many criminal migrants to escape justice in the West, only for them to continue to commit heinous crimes.

For example, a British court released a Somali migrant rapist from prison early because the judge believed he “had a lack of understanding” that sexual assault is illegal in the UK. This judge’s ridiculous assumption was proven wrong when the migrant again raped 2 more women within 6 weeks of each other.

Another Swedish judge freed a migrant gang rapist “because his age could not be determined.” After participating in the rape of a 23-year-old woman, the refugee was deemed a minor, although he had no identification and had never undergone any age test.

Of course, the age excuse doesn’t seem to hold much water since Swedish pediatrician Dr. Josef Milerad has revealed that around 40 percent of all refugee “children” are between 20 and 25 years old. Milerad also exclaimed that he’s personally witnessed cases of migrants in their 40s claiming to be unaccompanied minors. Many others have also confirmed this, admitting that some of the refugee children have gray hair.

While Western leftists are welcoming asylum seekers with open arms, these migrants are seeing our tolerance as weakness and taking full advantage of it. Unfortunately, liberals have made it nearly impossible to even warn of this invasion, as whistleblowers are instantly regarded as intolerant bigots.

Photo Credit [YouTubeNews East WestDaily Mail]

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