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Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping (Photo Credit: Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Days After Meeting With Obama, Chinese President Xi Reveals Shocking Thing Barack Told Him

Former U.S. President Barack Obama was in Beijing on Wednesday for a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Days after their meeting, President Xi revealed the shocking thing that Obama said to him during the course of their conversation.

Last month, President Donald Trump embarked on a twelve-day trip throughout Asia. The historic journey saw the president visit five Pacific Rim nations and attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vietnam.

President Trump’s overseas Asia trip also took him to China, where he met with President Xi Jinping. Trump’s visit with Xi was immensely successful, with his Chinese counterpart even hosting Trump and First Lady Melania for dinner in the Forbidden City, an honor which no other U.S. president or foreign leader has ever been given.

The overwhelming success of Trump’s trip to China must have left Obama feeling particularly pathetic because he flew to China just a couple of weeks later to meet with President Xi himself in an apparent attempt to prove that he is still relevant in the world of politics.

It should be noted that when Obama was president, he was never shown the level of respect in China which Trump was last month. Just take a look at the hero’s welcome Trump received when he touched down in Beijing:

This stood in stark contrast to the way Obama was greeted upon landing in China in September of 2016 ahead of the annual G20 Summit. In fact, the Chinese refused to even provide a staircase for him to exit Air Force One, forcing Obama to descend from the “ass” of the presidential jet.

“The reception that President Obama and his staff got when they arrived here Saturday afternoon was bruising, even by Chinese standards,” The New York Times reported last year after Obama was snubbed.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s understandable that Obama would feel painfully inferior to Trump. However, the fact that he is still trying so hard to be relevant is pretty tragic.

To add insult to injury, Chinese media largely placated Obama, almost mocking his participation in a meeting with President Xi in their reporting of the ordeal:

Amusingly, but not surprisingly, Xinhua has very little to say about what Obama said during the meeting, other than noting he “thanked Xi for meeting with him and appreciated China’s development achievements.”

Western media outlets were obliged to follow Xinhua’s lead and portray Obama as the very junior partner in the meeting, doing a great deal of listening while Xi did all the talking. [Source: Breitbart]

Perhaps even more pathetic than this, though, is what President Xi just revealed Obama to have told him. Apparently, Obama is still pretending that he is President of the United States and is clinging to the hope that someone will take him seriously.

Bloomberg Politics reports that “Obama told Xi that he was willing to play a continued role in strengthening mutual understanding, exchange, and cooperation between the two nations.” This is hilarious, considering the fact that Obama was never able to accomplish any of these things when he was actually president. Why on earth would he be of any use now that he no longer holds any power?

Someone needs to tell Obama that desperation is not a good look, especially for someone who was once the leader of the free world. Meanwhile, we’ll be here watching him make a massive fool of himself. Seeing his train wreck of a political career implode after suffering through his eight years in the White House is a welcome sight, to be sure.

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