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Here Is What Annoys Massage Therapists The Most

Aside from the most annoying thing you could ever tell a massage therapist (that their job isn’t that hard), there’s actually a list of other things that they find equally as frustrating.

We’re exposed to a lot of myths and misunderstandings about massage therapy, and the idea that it doesn’t require a ton of effort is only one of them. Massage therapists don’t have an easy job but there are a few things that would make their job a little easier.

Whether you’re an RMT professional yourself, or simply a fan of massages and want to have a good relationship with your practitioner, here are the 12 things massage therapists find most annoying:

 1. Being called a “masseuse” or a “masseur.” Using outdated titles from the 1950s can drive a massage therapist crazy. Try RMT (registered massage therapist) or massage practitioner.

2. Clients who are self-conscious. We can’t anticipate every great skin day when booking a massage. Whether you have a sprinkle of back acne or forgot to shave your legs, it’s nothing they haven’t seen before!

3. Clients who haven’t showered. This one’s pretty straight-forward. Like any appointment focused on your body, whether it be a doctor’s visit or a wax, it’ll make it more enjoyable for the both of you if you’re clean.

4. Clients who “forget” their wallets. Like with any other service being given, massage therapists expect to get paid!

5. Sound effects. Whether the massage feels really good or that kink in your neck the RMT is working out really hurts, try to control the noises.

6. Massage therapists are in pain too. Giving a massage is a physically and emotionally demanding task. You’re not the only one who’s hurting.

7. How unreliable their job is. Although getting a massage is becoming a more common method of self-care, it can still be unpredictable when it comes to clients.

8. People they know fishing for massages. One of the most annoying things about being a massage practitioner is people trying to get free massages. Book an appointment!

9. Clients who don’t say how they’re feeling. If something really hurts, or if their touch is too rough or their method too intense, tell them! They actually want to know.

10. So many towels! Laundry day is every day when you’re a registered massage therapist.

11. Uncovering health issues. The good and bad thing about going for a massage is they can actually find signs relating to your health. Even though they might have to be the bearer of bad news, it could save your life.

12. Clients who can’t relax. Please stop moving around or shifting yourself on the table. The whole point is to be comfortable!

source: providr.com



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