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How To Remove Mold From The Washing Machine To Prevent Respiratory and Skin Infections

Mold is a diverse group of fungi that grows in the form of filaments on damp things. They can appear on food, plants and the walls in our home, and most types are serious harmful to our health. According to studies, the fungal spores that mold releases in the air can cause respiratory problems such as asthma, and affect about 2% of Americans.

Besides on the walls, mold can grow on other damp areas as well. It can even be found in the washing machine without anyone being really aware of it. Mold can grow on the inside rubber circle behind the door of the washing machine, and easily get caught in your clothes. Once you put them on, you will be exposed to fungi spores which can seriously endanger your health.

How to remove mold from the washing machine

Luckily, removing the mold from your washing machine is easy, and you can do it with the remedy we have for you below.

  • ¼ cup lemon juice
  • 1 cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 12 cups water

Mix everything in a bowl first, then pour it in a spray bottle. Clean the rubber seal with a dry cloth, then proceed to spray it with the mixture – make sure to cover all the folds and the inside of the seal. Leave the spray to work for a bit, then rinse with water and repeat the process once a month to prevent the development of mold. The same method works for other equipment in your home which is prone to mold (sink, hoses).

In order to prevent mold, you should always throw out dirty water and start paying more attention to the hygiene in your home. As soon as you see mold growing on your walls, start removing it – the sooner you start, the better.

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