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Lose up to 33 pounds in 2 weeks

A girl lost 33 pounds of fat in only 15 days. But how?

She stopped drinking tea and coffee in the morning and in this way she reduced the intake of sugar. She drank “Boiled Lemon Water” and here is her recipe:


  • Lemons (5)
  • Ginger (10g)
  • Garlic (5 cloves)
  • Purified water (2l.)


After the garlic and the ginger are peeled cut the lemons. They should be cut into 4 pieces. Boil the water and add the rest of the ingredients.

Simmer the mixture for 5 minutes and then leave it to cool down to a room temperature. Drink a glass of this before breakfast. You can drink it until you reach the desired results.

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