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Linda Sarsour (left), a stock image of a crowd (right) for visual representation purposes only (Photo Credit: Festival of Faiths/Wikimedia Commons, U.S. National Archives/Wikimedia Commons)

Muslim Terrorist Linda Sarsour Demands Jihad In USA, Shocked When She Sees Who’s In Crowd

Linda Sarsour is a known extremist whose been allowed to operate in our nation, and she proved just that when she called for jihad here in America. Too bad for her, things didn’t exactly go how she thought they would when she tried to spew her sick sentiments. In fact, she got a nasty surprise at the end – and let’s just say she wasn’t laughing after seeing who was in the crowd where she was speaking.

Perhaps the worst was when she called for jihad here in America, but she’s also bashed Donald Trump, praised Palestine, and is even lauded by the terror designated CAIR organization. Despite all of this, the Muslim extremist is allowed to freely operate here in America, all while telling the people of our country that they need to die at the hands of Muslim jihadists.

Shockingly, people who are trying to defend our culture, traditions, and constitution – such as Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos – are being shut down in colleges across the country as the left considers what they have to say as “hate speech,” but meanwhile, the left doesn’t mind ignoring someone who says they literally need to die to appease Allah and grant Muslims what they deserve. Of course, along with America needing to meet its demise, Sarsour also frequently targets one other country as well – Israel.

Praising the murderers and terrorists in Palestine, who kill innocent people all while using their own children as human shields by hiding in hospitals and schools, this woman has exposed how sick and twisted her opinions are. Being here in America, though, her main focus is taking down the U.S., President Donald Trump, and every infidel in this “godforsaken” land.

In fact, that was her main talking points at a little shindig she put together recently as she gathered Muslims and liberal apologists to The New School University in Manhattan, New York, for a book signing where she decided to spew her rhetoric. Talking about a variety of issues, it seems that the decimation of the U.S. is priority number one as she called for jihad here in America.

Too bad for Sarsour, she may not want to hold her breath when it comes to an effective jihad here in America. As it turns out, she was left shocked after seeing who was in the crowd that had gathered – and it goes to show what she’s up against.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Jewish conservative journalist Laura Loomer was in the crowd and decided to give the Muslim extremist a piece of her mind. Even better yet, she wasn’t alone as about 50 other Jewish students of the university had joined her to protest the extremist’s presence on campus.

Too bad for Sarsour, Loomer wasn’t about to let the opportunity go to waste and just sit outside screaming. Instead, she went inside to confront the Muslim woman:

At this point Loomer screamed, “You’re an anti-Semite! You called for jihad in the United States! Calling jihad against Trump!”

“You’re an anti-Semite, Jew hater, Linda Sarsour! COCKROACH!” Loomer continued.

“Sarsour means cockroach in Arabic,” Loomer explained to the security guard who was trying to usher her out.

As Laura Loomer was leaving she said, “Am Israel chai” which means “The people of Israel live”. [Source: The Gateway Pundit]

Of course, Loomer was eventually forced to leave by security as the cowardly Sarsour shook in her seat. As it turns out, the woman who openly calls for the death of Americans doesn’t like it when those Americans fight back.

Currently, Sarsour does not have the support that she would need to achieve her disgusting goals. However, after seeing this, I’m not all that nervous about her. If just one brave woman can send her into a panic, then I would hate to see what the rest of this country would do to her and her little gang of miscreants.

Although that is the case, we don’t want Sarsour gaining momentum, so make sure to share this in order to raise awareness of the evil that she is trying to perpetrate. We’ve already seen jihad in America, and we won’t stand quietly by as more innocent Americans are killed. There would certainly be an onslaught, but it would be terrorists lying dead in the streets when it’s all said and done.

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