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PHOTO: Butcher Places Sign In Front Of Shop, PISSES OFF Muslims Everywhere

After coming up with a genius idea, a butcher decided to place a sign in front of his shop to help bring in a few new customers. However, it seems that the message on the sign managed to piss off one particular group of people, prompting them to demand him to remove it – but he had a priceless reply that was locked and loaded.

Jeff Rapley is the owner and butcher of Rapley’s Midtown Quality Meats in Narooma, New South Wales of Australia, but his little shop just stepped into the spotlight. According to reports, a sign with just a few words has managed to tick off not only Muslims but leftist apologists everywhere, and they’re calling for blood.

Jeff Rapley’s sign (Photo Source: Twitter)

The epic sign at the butcher shop reads, “Eating two strips of Rapley’s award winning bacon for breakfast reduces your chance of being a suicide bomber by 100%.”

Of course, the sign was intended to be funny and was actually meant to bring a few new customers in off the street, but it was responsible for so much more. Before long, every whiny Muslim was saying how offended they were by his sentiments and demanding he removes it immediately.

Of course, they also dubbed him a “racist,” but Jeff had a few things to point out. Beyond the fact that Muslims aren’t a “race,” he has since explained, “I’m definitely not a racist.” Furthermore, he went on to point out that no religion was actually mentioned in the sign. Why would Muslims think that mentioning “suicide bombers” was targeted at them? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Jeff Rapley’s store (Photo Source: Twitter)

Saying that reactions to the sign had “gotten way out of hand” on account of other’s ignorance, he took it down. However, pictures were still up on social media and quickly began to spread. Although there was a fair share of ill-placed hate going on, quite a few people shared the image because they thought it was genuinely comical.

Although Muslims and so-called “tolerant” progressives were calling for Jeff’s head, they just got slapped with a nasty reality check. As it turns out, the sign did exactly what it was supposed to do. Sales of Rapley’s bacon have surged and the butcher says that he is almost sold out.

Stock image

It’s funny to see how Muslims chose to shoot themselves in the foot rather than pull up their big girl panties and ignore something they don’t like. It’s their fault that this guy is getting all this business since they brought attention to his sign.

Either way, entitled Muslims aren’t going to stop whining anytime soon, despite the fact that they’re only hurting themselves. The more they act like this way, the more people are going to see them for what they truly are – self-indulged, self-obsessed supremacists. Keep playing the race card, idiots. We know what you really represent, and the fact that you wanted to silence Jeff only goes to prove that more.

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