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Recently Released Study Confirms What Happens to Our Bodies When We Walk Barefoot

Most of us either wear shoes or slippers inside the house, so it should come as no surprise that when we go outdoors, we do the same thing. In fact, in some scenarios (such as in the winter or during a run, etc.) we put on specific shoes to perform that specific activity. However, a study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health titled: ‘Earthling: Human Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons’ say that ‘earthing’ could be a potential treatment for many chronic degenerative diseases.

 Earthing or grounding is the practice that involves placing your feet directly on the ground without any barriers.

This practice is supposed to recharge the person as well as absorb the energy that is radiated from the Earth.

 Now, this might at first sound like pseudoscience to most people but in reality putting our feet on the ground helps us take in a lot of negative electrons through our feet.
This process is supposed to help keep you at the same negatively charged state that the Earth is in itself.
The study stated that being barefoot outside can help protect us from chronic stress, inflammation, poor sleep, insomnia and much more.
The same piece of research also states that grounding is just as essential and beneficial to our health as sunshine and water!
Grounding is also supposed to be a terrific antioxidant since grounding helps us normalize our stress hormones.
Walking bare feet on the ground is beneficial because walking is a great form of exercise but by walking without shoes on we become more connected to the world and nature itself.
Furthermore, most of us tend to wear shoes with rubber soles or heels that make our toes point, so that in itself can cause us to have foot pain, calluses or joint injuries.
So maybe start small: begin by walking barefoot out in the backyard or on your deck, and then gradually promote yourself to the nearby sidewalks and parks until you can fully master the art of grounding.
source: www.providr.com


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