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Michelle Edmisten (left), Students wearing hijabs in class (right)

School Forces Islam On Teen, Irate Mom Responds With Something Better

After a Tennessee teen was punished for refusing to participate in a nasty dose of Islam that the school forced on her, the girl’s irate mother found out what her daughter was given and decided to responded with something better. Sickened by what happened on campus, the proud patriot came back with a lesson of her own, letting the entire school know exactly how she felt.

As evidence of how far our nation has devolved under anti-American leadership and a politically correct liberal agenda, a disturbing trend of removing all religion from schools except for lessons on Islam has emerged. While too many are willing to sit back and accept this, Michelle Edmisten of Sullivan County is standing up against it, and she boldly took matters into her own hands after her daughter’s teacher failed the smart student for refusing to be indoctrinated on Islam.

While looking over her daughter’s recent assignments and a good portion of her textbook, Michelle was sick at what the school was teaching students about Islam. Firm in her beliefs as a Christian and working hard to raise her daughter with those values, Michelle felt that many of the assignments the students were being forced to complete went against her religion.

Skipping the teacher, the upset mother went directly to the board of education on Monday night and demanded an immediate change to the curriculum and an entirely new textbook that didn’t include this rhetoric. “It is time as parents, teachers, and administrators we stand up and take back our families, our schools, and our country,” Michelle said before the board, where she stood alone as the sole parent to speak out against this vile indoctrination.

“I would like to see the Pearson book yanked from the school immediately. I would like to see parents, Christians, veterans, anyone that’s anyone, stand up for this fight,” she continued in her demand for the board not to ignore this issue. “How can I, as a Christian, say that I have these values? And I want to instill these values in my daughter, but then say its okay go ahead and do it,” she stated, WJHL reported.

The board let the mother speak her piece but essentially ignored her concerns, using the excuse that the process of changing a curriculum isn’t simple and would require a lot of work. Placating Michelle on her concerns, she was told that the board would look into changing it, but that there is certain protocol to follow, then they refused to set up any timeline for doing so.

As long as Christianity is being scrubbed from every public school in every possible way, the same should go for all religions. Social justice warriors who push for separation of church and state can’t justify that the religion that preaches destruction of America is an acceptable lesson, but the belief system this country was built on is not. What’s worse is that Michelle’s concerns are largely disregarded because she’s a Christian, but the same doesn’t happen when a Muslim in America pitches a fit for anything that goes against Islam.

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