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Scientific Proof That Your Thoughts Actually Affect the Physical World

We live in such a time and age that almost always there is some kind of a new invention or proof for something. Today we want to present you a really unexplainable phenomena. This one was discovered by an alternative healer who actually proved physically how our thoughts and intentions can affect our physical world.

The name of this healer is Dr. Masaru Emoto who is the author of the book Messages from Water. He has done a lengthy research into this topic. He has researched how our feelings, thought and intentions have a certain type of an effect on water.

The Research About Our Thoughts

The research that he has carried out shows that positivity has a certain power which can affect our physical reality. Actually, our body consists of 60-75% of water. Thus, we have a deep connection to it. This was presented by one unique experiment.

For the experiment, Dr. Emoto filled three beakers with rice and put the rice in water. He let one month pass and every day he said ‘thank you’ to the one beaker, ‘you are an idiot’ to the second and he spoke nothing to the third.

By the end of the month, the rice that he thanked all the time fermented well and it had a pleasant smell. However, the other one that was criticized turned black. But, the worst one was the ignored one. It actually began to rot.

If you are interested in this and want to discover more, you should definitely watch the following video.

What we can take out from this is that everything that is around us like our children, plants etc need a certain type of environment to flourish. However, if you are constantly exposed to criticism and ignoring it is really bad and the negative effects will eventually start to show.

Therefore, it is obvious that positivity has a great effect on our body and everything around us. Thus, we need to radiate with positive vibes towards everything that is around us. This will be good for our overall well-being.

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