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The Dangers Of Wearing Flip Flops

Everyone needs a pair of flip-flops. They are probably the most popular footwear in the summer in all parts of the world. Most people wear them for everyday purposes because they are so easy to wear. Others even wear them on nights out.

 They are also super affordable for those who can’t buy those fancy Birkenstock shoes. Also, for that price, they can last you the entire summer, or even two. These shoes are the best for the summertime.

But recently, there have been some concerns from people regarding the constant wear of flip-flops. Foot specialists have been concerned for people’s health and the dangers that flip-flops can have on not only your feet but your well-being. Here are a few things to know:

 First off all, the most obvious danger is the one to your feet. Apparently, continuous flip-flop wear can cause serious damage to many parts of your foot.
According to WXYZ Detroit, Dr. Zachary Vaupel says the footwear can cause “pain in your arches and heels, shin splints, [and] stress fractures”
The damage that flip-flops can cause to your foot can also create problems to your upper body, like your hips and lower back. 
Consistent wear of flip-flops can cause an eventual alteration in your gait, which affects the way you move. Having that altered gait will cause problems in the future.
Moving away from the physical issues, and going into the hygiene concerns. Flip-flops are basically a wearable bacteria that people are putting their feet into.
It may seem pretty obvious, considering that your entire foot is exposed to the very dirty ground. But you may be surprised with the amount of bacteria that’s actually on them.
A report from the University of Miami noted that there are 18,000 bacteria covering your flip-flops. This includes bacteria like fecal matter and Staphylococcus.
Both of these bacteria can be really dangerous for your feet and body in general. It’s recommended that you wash your feet after your day out in your flip-flops. Or just don’t wear them at all!
Focusing mostly on outer appearance, flip-flops can give you really ugly-looking feet. They can give you some serious blisters, hammertoes and mess up the heel of your foot.
But let’s be realistic, warning you about flip-flops isn’t going to stop you from wearing them, right? We get it. So here are a few things that you can do to make sure you stay safe and healthy!
First, we get that flops are a cheap way to get comfy shoes but try shopping for higher quality flip-flops. Better quality material can prevent irritation to your skin.



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