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A Snapchat video of a migrant child “playing” with a young white girl quickly turned sinister as the camera zoomed in. (Photo source: YouTube)

Video Captures Migrant Boy ‘Playing’ With White Girl, Horror Ensues When They Zooms In

When a man uploaded footage of a very young “migrant child” and a small white girl behind a secluded building, his friends immediately began laughing at the pair. However, as soon as onlookers watched the clip, they noticed the horrifying detail that the viewers found sickeningly amusing.

A Snapchat video of a migrant child “playing” with a young white girl quickly turned sinister as the camera zoomed in. (Photo source: YouTube)

The left has assured us that if we just open our borders and hearts to Muslim migrants, we will be culturally enriched by their societal contributions. Unfortunately, the only harvest we’re reaping by doing this without proper vetting is rising violence and oppression. While common sense tells us that inviting in millions of people from countries that subjugate women and minorities would produce more of just that, sometimes it takes seeing the rotten fruits of our complacency to awaken us.

In perhaps one of the most disturbing clips we’ve ever witnessed, a Muslim uploaded a short Snapchat video to Twitter, causing an uproar on social media. The video allegedly captures 2 children, both around the age of 7, struggling alone in the grass against a building complex. The boy, whom some are claiming is an African migrant child, is seen forcing himself upon a young white girl in an unknown French district.

The boy presses his body against the girl while his hands move to his waist as if he is trying to undo his pants. When the girl attempts to move out from under the boy, he places his hands at her throat and pushes her back to the ground before moving his hands back to his groin area.

The video was first reported by Squawker shortly after it was uploaded to Twitter, although it is unclear when the Snapchat clip was recorded. The French caption roughly translates to “today’s kids are crazy.” Perhaps the most sickening element is that the recorder(s) can be heard egging on the young boy.

The footage was shared on Twitter by user @NTM766, who retweeted multiple responses to the post before deleting all evidence. While most viewers expressed shock and disgust at the footage, several users wrote “mort de rire” which translates to “dying of laughter.”

The majority of viewers could see the correlation between the boy’s actions and rape. Few others believe that he was playing with the girl but never explain his “fidgeting” with his pants.

“Yet use common sense here two children at what looks like a secluded place,” one Reddit user wrote. “One child is grabbing the other by the neck and keeping her pinned to the ground in a clear attempt to keep here there and is fidgeting with his waist and hers….I’m not the ‘right wing’ monster you are afraid of I am using my eyes and common sense.”

We could only hope that this young boy is merely practicing a wrestling move on the girl, although all evidence points to the contrary. Sadly, this short clip portrays the imminent crisis that threatens to transform the West into yet another oppressive wasteland. If this girl isn’t in any danger in this video, the same cannot be said for her in the near future.

The migrant rape crisis is spreading across Europe, threatening every unbelieving woman and child solely for their disbelief. In Sweden, 1 in 4 females is expected to be raped as sexual assault has risen 1,472 percent since the country opened its borders to Islamic migration. More than three-quarters of all rapes are committed by the Muslim minority. Sweden now has 61 no-go zones in which non-Muslims are not welcome and police refuse to enter.

France is experiencing the same multicultural effects as Sweden. In fact, more than 5,000 French civilians have downloaded a brand-new app that helps them navigate around no-go zones in which Sharia law is enforced. Now, the 10-percent Muslim population demonstrates their power by routinely clashing with police in deadly riots.

Likewise, as many as 40 no-go zones have been revealed in Germany to the dismay of federal authorities. Despite their attempts at censorship, a 17-page report detailed the dangers of non-Muslims venturing into these Muslim migrant-majority areas. In addition, migrant crime skyrocketed 50 percent in just one year, painting a sinister portrait of what’s to come.

This is what our children and grandchildren will inherit. That young girl in the footage represents any one of our offspring unless we combat the ceaseless influx of migrants who are not coming to integrate but to subjugate.

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