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Screenshots from the video footage (Photo Credits: YouTube/MotorJoe)

WATCH: Cocky Bikers Harass Fed-Up Redneck And His Wife, Get Brutal Surprise

A shocking video has emerged out of Oklahoma, where a pack of cocky bikers pulled up along side a pickup truck to harass a redneck and his wife. Now, the clip has gone viral after the fed-up redneck pulled his truck over and gave the young degenerate a brutal surprise, and rightfully so.

Screenshots from the video footage (Photo Credits: YouTube/MotorJoe)

According to the video uploaded to LiveLeak, the incident recently took place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, when a pack of bikers pulled up behind a pickup truck and began harassing the couple inside. We’ve all seen this kind of behavior before from disrespectful brats on the road, and this redneck had just about enough. After the biker challenges the driver of the pickup, he ends up in a world of hurt.

The clip begins with the leader of the pack driving his bike up along side a pickup truck with a husband and wife inside. It appears there are several other bikers behind the leader as the cocky punk gestures into the driver’s window.

As the footage, which was also uploaded to YouTube continues, the truck begins to pull over, and this is when the cocky bikers should have just kept driving. Instead, the leader of the pack stops his bike and appears to feel a little too sure of himself with all his buddies around.

Instantly, the redneck gets out of his truck and walks up to the biker who is still wearing his helmet. As the biker starts to yell, he gets shoved backward by the angry redneck.

This is when the woman in the truck gets out and is seen walking around the back of the truck while screaming, “There are babies in this car!” She is most definitely angry with the rude driving behavior of the bikers, and now, to top it off, her husband is pounding one of them in the grass on the side of the road.

All too often we see this kind of behavior on the road, but this time, it was all caught on video. As the clip continued, the leader of the bikers got the beating of his life and appeared to get knocked out by the redneck.

Interestingly enough, other rednecks arrived and one, who was already parked on the side of the road, had a shotgun. Things instantly heated up when another one of the redneck’s friends challenged the bikers and tried to take the shotgun. It’s probably a good thing that he didn’t get a hold of it.

Sometimes people should just exercise a little more common sense and courtesy while driving, and this situation is no different. The leader of the biker gang was obviously feeling like he had the advantage when he challenged the driver of the pickup. Even with all of his friends around, he still got a painful lesson about respecting your elders. I think the redneck had a good reason to teach the punk a lesson. Endangering others on the road, especially when kids are in the car, is no laughing matter, and any loving father would have probably done the same thing.

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