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Wrap the Feet with Aluminum Foil for an Hour and Be Amazed by the Result

Have you ever thought that aluminum foil that almost all of us have it at home can be used not only for wrapping food? Here are a few situations in which you can use the aluminum foil and benefit out of it.


For example, wrap your tired feet with the foil about an hour. You will be surprised what will that do to your fatigue legs. Cut foil into strips and cool them down for few hours. Cold aluminum foil cut on stripes can be used for fast fatigue removal from the face, cheeks. You can leave it on the place as much as you want.

If you suffer from heel pains, joint pain, arthritis maybe, then the aluminum foil will help you too. Wrap it around the hurting spot and keep it still with a bandage. You should do this at night before sleep for two weeks.

If you feel cold and can’t warm up your body, wrap the feet with six or seven-layer foil and keep it one hour on the place.

Doctors from Wisconsin university advice that you can even cure burns with aluminum foil. On the clean spot, put very thin ointment, then goes gauze and the foil at the end. Keep it tight with a bandage.

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